Geotechnical Services - Marmot Dam Removal - 2007 ACEC Grand Award
Marmot Dam Removal - 2007 ACEC Oregon Grand Award
Cornforth Consultants, Inc provides comprehensive geotechnical services for infrastructure and commercial markets, including water and wastewater, transportation, power, and buildings. Our services range from feasibility assessments to detailed field investigation, preparation of plans and specifications, and construction observation and technical support.

Earth and Rockfill Dams Earthquake Engineering
Levees and Canals Geotechnical Site Characterization
Dam Design Expert Witness
Reservoirs Geotechnical Instrumentation
Hydrogeology Spillway Design
Geologic Hazards Concrete Locks and Dams
Deep and Shallow Foundations Dam and Levee Safety Inspections
Geotechnical Procedures Manuals Borrow and Rock Material Sources
Site Reconnaissance Landslide Identification and Mapping
Siting Studies Field Explorations
River Diversion Seismicity
Tunnels and Pipelines Plans and Specifications
Cutoff Trenches and Drainage Systems Shoreline Restoration