Reservoirs, Canals, and Levees, Geotechnical Services - Kelso Washington Coweeman Levee Certification
Coweeman Levee Evaluation
Cornforth Consultants provides services for dam, canal and levee owners including site safety inspections, levee rehabilitation design studies, shoreline protection and stabilization design, new embankment design and construction, dam raises and modifications, and emergency response for dam and levee safety evaluations. In the past few years, Cornforth Consultants has completed levee rehabilitation and/or seepage evaluation projects for levees, embankment dams and canal embankments owned by the Corps of Engineers, Cowlitz County Diking Districts, Multnomah County Drainage District, Portland General Electric, City of Portland Water Bureau, and Eugene Water & Electric Board.

Representative Projects:  
  Barney Reservoir Raise Cowlitz River Levees
  St. Johns Levee Bank Stabilization Swift Canal Failure
  Libby Dike Rehabilitation Scoggins Dam/Hagg Lake Reservoir Feasibility
Services Offered for Reservoirs, Canals and Levees:
  Probable Failure Mode Analysis (PFMA) Rehabilitation Design
  Geologic Hazards Forensic Failure Analysis
  Seismicity/Liquefaction FEMA Levee Certification Reviews
  Shoreline Protection Embankment Stability Analysis
  Geotechnical Instrumentation Seepage Investigation
  Borrow Sources Cutoff Trenches
  Hydrogeology Embankment Design
  Laboratory Testing Field Explorations
  Levee Safety Evaluation