Geotechnical Instrumentation Services - Seepage ADAS Monitoring Piezometers and Flowmeters
Seepage ADAS Monitoring Piezometers & Flowmeters
Cornforth Consultants provides expertise in geotechnical instrumentation, including standpipe and vibrating wire piezometers, inclinometers, crackmeters, and automated data acquisition systems (ADAS).

Geotechnical instrumentation data is frequently used for landslide mitigation, seepage analysis, rock mechanics, or aquifer testing. For many projects, we have evaluated historical data in conjunction with more recent geotechnical information.

In instrumentation projects, the simplest system is utilized to fit clients' requirements, and can range from manually read instruments to a fully automated system. Where frequent or real-time readings are required, a fully automated system is often the most cost effective. Cornforth can optimize an instrument program and the equipment utilized for the project.

Representative projects and typical instrumentation services are listed below.

Representative Projects:  
  Frog Lake Dam and Landslide Instrumentation Ashton Dam Seepage Investigation
  Equatorial Guinea LNG Facility Ives Island Instrumentation
  Badrock Canyon Rock Joint Instrumentation Depoe Bay Marina Instrumentation
  Barney Dam Instrumentation  
Services Offered for Geotechnical Instrumentation
  Inclinometer Installation & Data Analysis Vibrating Wire Instrument Installation
  Single Channel and Multichannel Data Loggers In-Place Inclinometers
  Automated Data Acquisition Systems (ADAS) Data Management
  Online Data Management Historical Data Review
  Standpipe Piezometers Extensometers
  Site Layout Settlement Monitoring