Hydrogeologic Services, Dewatering system for the Mt. St. Helens Sediement Retention Structure and Dam
Dewatering System for a Dam Foundation
Cornforth Consultants' hydrogeologists provide many years of experience in groundwater studies, pump tests, site dewatering and aquifer characterization. We have successfully carried out a variety of hydrogeologic assignments.

Listed below are representative projects and services for clients such as the US Army Corps of Engineers, City of Longview, Jensen Drilling, and PacifiCorp Energy.

Representative Projects:  
  Navy CVN Drydock Repair Cowlitz River Levees
  St. Johns Levee Cutoff Wall Fern Ridge Dam Dewatering
  Ashton Dam Seepage Investigation Scoby Hill Landslide Dewatering
  Trojan Nuclear Plant Water Supply Ives Island Habitat Piezometers
Services Offered Relating to Hydrogeology:  
  Seepage Analysis Groundwater Control & Cutoff
  Groundwater Evaluation and Development Numerical Modeling
  Field Explorations Groundwater Monitoring Systems
  Dewatering Design Aquifer Testing
  Pump Tests Pumped Storage Feasibility