Geotechnical site characterization for the Sandy River Water Supply Tunnels
Site Explorations for the Sandy River Tunnel Crossing
Cornforth Consultants provides specialized geotechnical site characterization for both large and small projects. Our judgment and experience guides properly targeted subsurface exploration programs to focus on slope stability, large cuts or fills, swelling or wet of optimum soils, and other geotechnical issues that can impact the success of a project.

Geotechnical site characterization is a critical component for foundation design and facility placement. According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 50% of project overruns and claims can be attributed to poorly understood geotechnical or hydraulic considerations.

Representative Projects:  
  Newburg Dundee Bypass Interstate 84 Sandy River Bridge
  Sandy River Tunnel Crossing Barney Dam Raise
  Frog Lake Central Dam OTIA Bridge Geotechnical Baseline Studies
  Port Westward Power Plant Liquefaction  
Services Offered for Geotechnical Site Characterization:
  Site Reconnaissance Remote Sensing Data Interpretation
  Plan of Explorations Hazard Avoidance
  Geotechnical Peer Review Geotechnical Classification
  Hazard Identification Instrumentation
  Subsurface Explorations Historical Data Review
  Geomorphic Interpretation