Debris Flow
Debris Flow Aftermath
Cornforth Consultants, Inc. has provided services for many vital infrastructure projects, such as hydroelectric, transportation, and pipeline projects that are constructed in geologically hazardous environments. Cornforth Consultants provides a team of geologists with the expertise to evaluate the presence and degree of such hazards as landslides, rockfall, seismicity, soft ground, and erosion.

Our team has provided targeted hazard analysis for infrastructure projects including the Montana State Highway System, the Oak Grove Hydroelectric Project, and the Bull Run Water Supply Conduits. Additional representative projects are listed below.

Representative Projects:  
  U.S. Highway 20 Landslide Investigation Oak Grove Geologic Hazards
  Water Storage Facility Evaluations Montana Rockfall Hazard Rating System
  Libby Rockfall Mitigation Ketchikan Third Avenue Extension
  Bull Run Pipeline Geologic Hazards  
Services Offered Regarding Geologic Hazards:  
  Landslide Hazard & Susceptibility Assessment Earthquake Hazards
  Volcanic Hazards Rockfall Hazard Rating System (RHRS)
  Geotechnical Asset Management Debris Flow Hazards & Mitigation
  Geomorphic Mapping Probabilistic and Deterministic Risk Analysis
  Expansive/Collapsible Soils Geotechnical Prioritization Systems