Stone Column Installation at the Port Westward Power Plant - Geotechnical Services for Deep and Shallow Foundations
Port Westward Power Plant
Cornforth Consultants provides foundation investigation and design experience for a variety of structures, including bridges, buildings, retaining walls, airports, power generating facilities and water treatment plants.

Our deep foundation design solutions have included drilled shafts; pipe, pin, and shear piles; stone columns; and deep soil mixing. Shallow foundation design work has included spread footings, mat foundations, preloading methods, and innovative uses of geosynthetics.

Representative projects for clients such as Portland General Electric, Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, and the City of Oakridge are listed below:

Representative Projects:  
  Port Westward 600MW Power Plant Cascade Locks Casino
  Tanana River Bridge Biglow Canyon Windfarm
  Fern Hill Water Treatment Plant PDX Air National Guard Hangar Building
  Oakridge Water System Improvements  
Services Offered for Deep and Shallow Foundations:
  Subsurface Investigation Foundation Design
  Drilled Shaft Design Bearing Capacity
  Site Reconnaissance Spread Footings
  Pile Foundation Design Deep Dynamic Compaction
  Soil Mixing Preloading
  Settlement Analysis Ground Improvement
  Retaining Wall Foundations