Geotechnical Services for Concrete Dams and Locks - Overwater geotechnical exploration program for Bonneville Dam
Oroville Dam Spillway Damage
Cornforth Consultants provides inspection services of concrete-lined and unlined spillways. We have five engineers approved by the FERC as Independent Consultants for Part 12 dam safety and related inspections.

Our firm has an in-house climbing team comprised of engineers and geologists that have undergone extensive training by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). This unique service allows our firm to offer one-stop-shopping for difficult access spillway inspections.

For documenting spillway conditions, we can integrate photogrammetric techniques (e.g. drones and photo modeling tools), supported by stability analyses to address any potential failure modes.

Representative projects and services offered to clients such the Eugene Water and Electric Board, Portland General Electric, Portland Water Bureau, City of Spokane, and PacifiCorp Energy are listed below:

Representative Spillway Inspection Projects:  
  Bull Run Dam No. 2 Round Butte Dam
  Pelton and Pelton Reregulating Dams Carmen-Smith Complex
  Trail Bridge Spillway Timothy Dam
  Upriver Dam Iron Gate Dam Spillway Rock Slope
Services Offered for Spillway Inspection:  
  Foundation Inspections Geologic Hazard Review
  Seepage Control Inspections Stability Analyses
  Rockfall Susceptibility Rock and Soil Slope Compentency
  Crack and Joint Mapping Spillway Health Instrumentation