Geotechnical Services for Concrete Dams and Locks - Overwater geotechnical exploration program for Bonneville Dam
Bonneville Dam 2nd Powerhouse Fish Bypass Investigation
Cornforth Consultants performs geotechnical services for concrete arch and gravity dams, spillways, and locks.

Our range of experience includes straightforward geotechnical investigations to providing services in challenging circumstances requiring marine, ground, and helicopter support. Cornforth Consultants has been involved in major studies to rehabilitate the navigation lock at John Day Dam; siting, final design geotechnical investigation, and construction observation for a spillwall at The Dalles Dam; difficult and complex geotechnical investigations at Soda Springs Dam on the Umpqua River; and stability analyses and fish passage for the Willamette Falls Dam.

Representative projects and services offered to several different clients such the US Army Corps of Engineers, Portland General Electric, and MidAmerican Energy are listed below:

Representative Projects:  
  Bonneville Dam Juvenile Fish Bypass The Dalles Dam Fish Training Wall Foundation
  Marmot Dam Removal Willamette Falls Dam Stability Analysis
  John Day Lock Anchor Testing & Instrumentation Bonneville Dam New Navigation Lock
  Soda Springs Dam Fish Ladder  
Services Offered for Concrete Dams and Locks:  
  Foundation Investigations Uplift Pressure Investigation
  Value Engineering Studies Earthquake Engineering
  Anchorage Design Fish Passage Geotechnical Design
  Geologic Hazards Cofferdam Design
  Seepage Control Design Tunnels and Pipelines
  Aggregate Borrow Sources River Diversion
  Hydrogeology Decommissioning Studies and Design
  Grouting Design Laboratory Testing
  Life Expectancy Foundation Quality Control
  Cutoff Trenches Instrumentation