Cornforth Consultants contribute to the geotechnical state of the practice through original research and complex case histories. The cornerstone of these publications has been the 2005 publication of Landslides in Practice: Investigation, Analysis, and Remedial/Preventative Measures by company founder, Derek Cornforth.

Select publications by our staff are offered for download below:

Dams, Embankments, and Earthquake Engineering

Performance of Aging Post Tensioned Rock Anchors in Dams, 2009, Gerry Heslin, Donald Bruce, G. Stuart Littlejohn, and Thomas Westover

Marmot Dam Removal, 2008, John Sager, Mike Meyer, and Tim Keller

Geomembrane Liner for Spillway Approach Canal Seepage Reduction, 2001, Andy Vessely, Nestor Mirafuente, Will Shallenberger, and Kristie Hartfeil

An Integrated Strategy for Seepage Control from Bull Run Dam No. 2 Spillway Approach Canal, 2000, Azad Mohammadi, Andy Vessely, Dennis Kessler, Jim Doane

Quantifying Earthquake and Geologic Hazards for the Portland, Oregon Vulnerability Assessment, 1999, Donald Ballantyne, Charles Scawthorn, and Andy Vessely

An Overview of Engineering Geology Applied to Facilities in Oregon, 1998, Charlie Hammond and James Griffiths

Engineering Geology of the Trask River Dam Raise, 1998, Charlie Hammond and Andy Vessely

Seismic Design of the Barney Reservoir Dam, Oregon, 1996, Derek Cornforth, Andy Vessely, and Randall Hill

Liquefaction Susceptibility of Soft Alluvial Silts in the Willamette Valley, 1996, Andy Vessely, Michael Riemer and Ignacio Arango

Gravel Liquefaction Analysis of an Embankment Dam, 1995, Andy Vessely and Nan Deng

Landslides & Rockfall

Use of Inclinometers for Geotechnical Instrumentation on Transportation Projects, 2008, George Machan and Victoria Bennett

Seven Deadly Sins of Landslide Investigation, Analysis, and Design, 2007, Derek Cornforth

Landslide Stabilization Using Piles, 2007, Andy Vessely, Kenji Yamasaki, and Ralph Strom

Analysis and Mitigation of a Landslide in Discontinuous Permafrost, 2007, George Machan

Geology in Landslide Engineering, 2007, Charlie Hammond

Landslide MItigation, 2006, George Machan

Landslides in Practice: Investigation, Analysis, and Remedial/Preventative Options in Soils, 2005, Derek Cornforth

Rockfall Hazard Classification and Mitigation System, 2005, Larry Pierson, Darren Beckstrand, and Brent Black

Landslide Mitigation in an Urban Setting: A Case History, 2004, Michael Mathioudakis and George Machan

How Much Can it Cost to Remediate a Large Landslide, 2002, Charlie Hammond, Mike Meyer, Andy Vessely, George Machan, and Brent Black

Rockfall Catchment Area Design Guide, 2001, Larry Pierson, C. Fred Gullixson, and Ronald Chassie

Engineering Geology of the Ancient Highlands Landslide, Portland, Oregon, 1998, Charlie Hammond and Andy Vessely

Estimating Seismic Displacements of Marginally Stable Landslides Using Newmark Approach, 1998, Andy Vessely and Derek Cornforth

Rockfall Hazard Rating System Participant Manual, 1993, Lawrence Pierson and Robert Van Vickle

Pelton Landslide - An Unusual Double Wedge Failure, 1992, Derek Cornforth and Andy Vessely

Factors of Safety During Landslide Movements, 1991, Derek Cornforth and Andy Vessely


Rate of Settlement of Silt Alluvium at Trojan, 1994, Derek Cornforth