I-84 Sandy River Bridges
Cornforth Consultants has performed geotechnical services for many state DOTs, counties, and the Federal Highway Administration. We have worked on a wide range of transportation projects from unpaved forest roads, to two lane roads in rural areas and National Parks, to high volume interstate highways.

Our services include comprehensive geotechnical design studies, second opinion consultation and peer review, and emergency response.

Services related to transportation are found in our Services section. Representative projects can be found below; projects with detailed write-ups are in bold.


Representative Projects:  
  Interstate 84 Sandy River Bridge Investigation Newburg Dundee Bypass Design DEIS
  OTIA Cracked Bridge Geotechnical Baselines Scoby Hill Road Landslides, New York
  Montana RHRS Implementation Third Avenue Extension, Alaska
  Tanana River Bridge Foundation, Tok, Alaska US 191 Improvements, Utah
  SR 107 Stabilization, Washington South Tongass Highway Rockfall, Alaska
  Going-to-the-Sun Road Rehabilitation, Montana SR 87 Stabilization, Arizona