Geotechnical projects - Levees and Canals
St. Johns Dike Stabilization Using Green Technologies
Cornforth Consultants provides geotechnical services for a range of owners, from local diking districts to the US Army Corps of Engineers to utility companies.

Federal regulations have shifted the responsibility of certifying flood protection systems to local authorities. CCI has provided safety inspections and analysis for multiple diking districts and municipalities.

For private owners of levees and canals, such as utility companies, we also provide safety inspections and probable failure mode analysis for existing power canals, industrial levees and impoundments.

Services related to levees and canals are found in our Services section. Representative projects are listed below with links to detailed write-ups.

Representative Projects:  
  Cowlitz River Levee Stability Investigations Wyoming & Utah Waste Pond Embankments
  Libby Dike Rehabilitation St. Johns Dike Stabilization
  Swift Canal Failure Levee Certifications for Multiple Diking Districts
  Lemolo 2 Canal Distress Leaburg Canal Stability