Geotechnical projects - Earthquake Engineering
Port Westward Stone Column Installation
Cornforth Consultants routinely evaluates the effects of seismic loading to structures founded on sensitive soil. We have reviewed seismic records for vital infrastructure such as earth and concrete arch and gravity dams, earth levees, hospitals, power plants, and bridges. An innovative modified Newmark analysis to calculate coseismic displacement of landslides was developed and published by our staff.

Areas of interest include regional seismicity, design earthquakes, evaluation of active faults, liquefaction analysis, dynamic soil-structure interaction, slope stability and ground response.

Services related to earthquake engineering are found in our Services section. Representative projects are listed below with links to detailed write-ups.

Representative Projects:  
  Barney Dam Seismic Analysis Port Westward Power Plant Seismic Design
  Bull Run No. 2 Seismic Stability Analysis Fern Hill WTP Liquefaction Study
  Mt. Tabor Seismic Stability Analysis Soda Springs Dam Seismic Ground Motions
  Port Westward Levee Realignment Fern Ridge Dam Seismic Investigation