Depoe Bay Seawall and Harbor
Depoe Bay Seawall and Harbor

Cornforth Consultants' experience provides flexibility to accomplish geotechnical tasks with tight scheduling demands common to marine and airport facilities. Due to our proximity to major rivers and the Pacific Coast, we have extensive experience dealing with soft, compressible soils common to these environments.

Our team of engineers and geologists have performed subsurface investigations to determine the quality of a potential jettystone quarry source for the Columbia River Jetty, mitigated seawall instability with shear piles, and performed tight schedule subsurface explorations for the South Runway at Portland International Airport.

Our Services section summarizes the type of services we offer for ports and airports. Some of our representative projects and repeat clients are listed below:

Representative Projects  
  CVN Navy Drydock Depoe Bay Marina Seawall Distress
  Willamette Falls Training Wall Wrangell Airport Runway Extension
  PDX Air National Guard Hangar Columbia River Boat Basin Investigation
  Columbia River Jettystone Quarry Investigation Portland International Airport S. Runway Rehabilitation
Representative Clients  
  Port of Camas-Washougal US Army Corps of Engineers
  Jensen Drilling/US Navy Portland General Electric
  Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities