Biglow Canyon Windfarm Explorations


We are a Portland, Oregon based geotechnical firm established in 1983. The firm specializes in dams, seismic studies, geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, hydrogeology, and complex geotechnical studies.

Through our division Landslide Technology, we offer hazard evaluation, characterization, analysis, and mitigation of landslides, complex stability, and rockfall issues.

Cornforth Consultants provides services to a variety of clients and often leads multidisciplinary teams in projects for federal agencies, utilities, state agencies, cities, counties, and private clients.

Our innovative solutions have received many awards for engineering excellence. Our experience and judgment provides time and cost savings to our clients.

Iron Gate Dam Raise

"The Cornforth team excels as geotechnical engineers on projects as their staff have the ability to translate detailed engineering results to layman terminology."

-Sara Morrissey, Levee Ready Columbia Program Manager, Multnomah County Drainage District No. 1


"Not only have the deliverables/products been of excellent quality, but working with your staff has been a delightful experience for all of us here. Your folks are simply first rate technically, professionally and personally."

-Dave Stanley C.P.G., Chief Eng. Geologist, Alaska Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities


"It is anticipated that the overall project costs will be 10% less than estimated due to Cornforth Consultant's field decisions."

-Sid Hillier P.E., Civil Engineering Manager, Portland General Electric